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Eleven Dubcast
An Ohio State sports-centric podcast for the 2010s.
Category: College & High School
Location: Columbus
Eleven Dubcast is an irreverent sports talk show, hosted by Johnny Ginter and Michael Citro of Eleven Warriors. Tune in as the two (and a bevy of minor and major sports celebrity guests) discuss Ohio State athletics and the state of affairs of college ...more
Eleven Dubcast is an irreverent sports talk show, hosted by Johnny Ginter and Michael Citro of Eleven Warriors. Tune in as the two (and a bevy of minor and major sports celebrity guests) discuss Ohio State athletics and the state of affairs of college sports in general.
Eleven Warriors is the largest free web destination for fans of Ohio State athletics.

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September 23, 2014 06:47 PM PDT

We've survived the first of the two bye weeks of 2014 and it's time to get ready for the Cincinnati Bearcats. Bye weeks allow us to decompress a bit but then that itch for Buckeye football returns and we're eager to get back into it.

Johnny and I discuss the upcoming night banger with Tommy Tuberville's squad and we talk a little about the circus going on up north with our most hate rivals, including a super special discount on Wolverine tickets. We also tell you everything you need to know to commit right on the spot to attending Dubgate V this Saturday.

And speaking of committing, we've got a Dubcast first! Two of the nation's top recruits join us to talk about their experiences with the process of selecting where they'll play their college football. Quarterback Torrance Gibson, a Buckeye lean, and linebacker Justin Hilliard, an Ohio State commit, both jump on the Dubcast with us to give us the 411 on the recruiting game.

You get all of that, plus we answer your most burning questions in our popular Ask Us Anything segment. You can always ask us about any topic you wish at

And that's our show for this week. We'll be back with a special Dubgate V edition of the Dubcast next week and if all goes well, that'll mean some cool video.

Here's how it all unfolded:

0:15- Johnny and I ain't afraid of Cincinnati (but we do expect them to score some points) and we tell you why. Also: Michigan is just silly right now and they need to clean up their act.

16:40- You asked us anything and we gave you the answers you deserved.

22:54- Torrance Gibson joins us from Florida and talks about his upcoming visit to Ohio State and why he's interested more in the school than the football program.

33:16- A brief interlude to tell you all of the cool stuff that'll come your way at Dubgate V this Saturday.

37:40- Justin Hilliard hops aboard and shares his experiences and tells us a little about Cincinnati-area football.

47:20- What would you do if you were a prized football recruit?

September 16, 2014 07:07 PM PDT

It's hard to believe, but we're already a quarter of the way through the 2014 college football regular season.

Johnny and I discuss the 66-0 beatdown of the Kent State Golden Flashes and how much fun it was to just punch someone in the face after the disappointing loss to Virginia Tech.

As we roll into the first of our two mid-season weeks without an Ohio State football contest, it's a good time to take a look at the broader picture of the team as a whole and try to figure out what it is this year's squad is, exactly.

Here to help us do just that is Eleven Warriors' own Vico, who shares his thoughts on exactly what we've learned (or not learned) about the 2014 Buckeyes and what we might expect looking forward.

And, of course, we answer your questions in our world-famous Ask Us Anything segment. We can be reliably queried on any topic you need help with by writing us at

Here's this week's breakdown:

0:25- Me and Johnny look back fondly at the utter destruction of Kent State and discuss the impressive looking Cincinnati Bearcats.

18:20- Zombie apocalypses? Giant squids? You asked and we answered.

26:30- Vico jumps in and gives his take on where this 2014 might be headed.

44:27- The gentle, nurturing ways of Kerry Coombs.

And that'll do it for our the week leading up to our big game against...idle.

This week's musical selections were Foghat's "Fool for the City" and "Stranger" by Jefferson Starship.

See you next week!

September 09, 2014 09:02 PM PDT


So we lost, and then we lost our damn minds. I get it. You're mad, disappointed, maybe a little sleepy, maybe a little gassy, maybe some weird combination of all four. I know I am.

But here's the thing: yes, Ohio State lost to a team they were supposed to handle easily, but also yes Ohio State is an extremely young team that got beat by a good squad with excellent coaches. Michael and I would like to make it abundantly clear that while we're disappointed, we're also hopeful for the future, and you should be to! Or at least not so irrationally depressed.

And to that end, we've brought on our very own Kyle Jones to help us break down the ins and outs of the Virginia Tech game, from a schematic standpoint rather than an emotional one. Spoiler alert: things aren't as bad as you think!

All this and a very quirky Ask Us Anything (which you can do by hitting us up via e-mail at add up to another great Dubcast. Check it out why not?

September 02, 2014 07:09 PM PDT

We've got a game under our belts now and it's time to hit our groove.

Or is it? What can we really learn from playing a team like Navy?

Well, whatever it is, Johnny and I are here to break it down as much as we dare. We've got your complete Navy wrap-up as we bid farewell to the Midshipmen.

Following our famous "Ask Us Anything" segment, in which listeners are encouraged to do just that by hitting us up on Twitter or emailing to, we discuss the College Football Playoff and various food-related questions. These were a hot topic this week and Johnny has some strong opinions.

We're also joined by The Key Play staff writer Brian Marcolini to talk about Saturday night's upcoming first-ever meeting with the Virginia Tech Hokies. Brian tells us a bit about what to expect from Beamer Ball and dishes on the Hokies' season-opening win over William & Mary.

Here's how it went down:

0:25- Johnny and I relive the magic of the season opener against the Naval Academy in Baltimore and it's kind of like, "We told ya so!"

15:55- Ask Us Anything! And you did. This week, we get Johnny really up in arms about cookies and hot dog toppings, as well as the College Football Playoff.

33:42- Brian Marcolini joins the Dubcast to tell us the deep dark secrets of Beamer Ball.

52:38- We lend a hand to our armed forces academies.

This week our musical selections are "Gold on the Ceiling" by The Black Keys and "Day of the Eagle" by Robin Trower.

We'll be back same time next week!

August 26, 2014 09:00 PM PDT

Grizzled, gnarled, scarred... but alive, gloriously alive, we emerge from the wastes of the offseason to the oasis that is college football.

We are back, you are back, Ohio State football is back! Forget all the bad stuff that we've had to swallow in the past few weeks. Forget all the gloom and doom that tortured you since the Orange Bowl. All that matters now is that an oblong shaped ball will be the center of our attention until January, and all is right with the world.

But don't worry, Michael and I wouldn't forget the matter at hand. The Buckeyes have an opening tilt against Navy this weekend, and to better prepare you we've brought on Mike James from The Birddog to help us better know a truly patriotic and deeply weird opponent offensively.

All that and Ask Us Anything (which you can do by hitting us up on Twitter or sending an e-mail to!

The Dubcast is back, FOREVER. Until the end of basketball. So, FOREVER!! Let's do this thing.

July 22, 2014 06:54 PM PDT

It’s getting closer, folks. College football season is inching ever nearer. The next time our Eleven Dubcast is posted (next month) we’ll be back to weekly audio coverage of all things Buckeye.

But to look ahead would be to shortchange this outstanding entertainment we have for you today! Johnny and I look back fondly at the World Cup, which kept us nicely distracted during this off-season of 2014. We chat it up about Aaron Craft, LaQuinton Ross and the NBA Summer League, and we touch on the upcoming Friday Night Lights at Ohio State.

And if that wasn't enough, none other than former Ohio State wide receiver Roy Hall joins us as our special guest. The president and founder of the Driven Foundation, Roy was gracious enough to take time out of his schedule to talk to us about playing wide receiver at Ohio State, accidentally injuring Ted Ginn Jr. after the opening kickoff of the 2007 National Championship Game, the NFL, and his charity work. He also told us the best Jim Tressel story ever.

And of course we answer your questions in our popular “Ask Us Anything” segment. Remember, you can ask us about anything, and it doesn’t have to even be a sports query. Feel free to seek out our guidance on love, food, entertainment, or any other number of topics you’d care to have us weigh in on. Simply write us at

this is the way it shook out…

0:27- Johnny and I touch on the World Cup, NBA Summer League and Friday Night Lights, plus a subtle A-Team reference.

14:50- Roy Hall jumps in to tell us the greatest Tressel story of all time, plus his experiences at Ohio State and the NFL and his outstanding work in the community.

33:23- Our superpowers of choice, underrated comedies, and introducing Ohio State football to none other than Jesus Christ, Elvis Presley and George Washington in our Ask Us Anything segment.

49:03- Me and Johnny as FNL cast members.

That’s all for now! Our Dubcast tuneage this time out consists of “Fall Down” by Toad the Wet Sprocket, “16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought Six” by Tom Waits, and “Driving Home” by Imminent Sonic Destruction. Feel free to click the links and add them to your music collection because you profit and so do we (a little).

See you in August (the month the season finally starts)!

June 25, 2014 11:25 AM PDT

Look, you can admit it. You were a little scared back in May, staring at Ohio State's list of committed recruits for 2015 and noting only two names on the list. With a nervous twitch, you repeatedly refreshed the website over and over in the hopes that Urban had just seduced a four star defensive back or even a three star offensive lineman (WE NEED DEPTH, OKAY??) to come to Columbus, the oasis of the gigantic desert wasteland that is the rest of the Big Ten.

And, of course, it happened. The last four weeks or so have been a bounty for recruitniks, and for that very reason Michael and I have brought on 11W's own Jeremy Birmingham to talk a little 'crootin and hopefully calm the assorted pantywaists and naysayers that still remain out there.

All that, and Ask Us Anything! Keep sending in those questions to, and we'll see you guys next month!

May 21, 2014 04:41 AM PDT


Tell a friend. Dubcast is back. Back again.

The offseason rolls on with a delightful Dubcast designed dutifully by yours truly and Michael Citro, and we dive headfirst into the shallow pool that is college sports in May. We mostly hit on things like the NFL draft, how to keep from punching ourselves in the face in frustration, and whatever our inner nerds bring to light in the merry month of May.

Thank God that we've got our good friend Jeff Svoboda to help us navigate these dark waters, as he joins us to talk about all things recruiting, Urban, hockey, and more.

Plus: Ask Us Anything! Great questions this time from Dubcast MVP Greg, but we need questions from all of America, not just that cool dude. You can ask us anything about life, love, football, basketball by hitting us up either on Twitter or by e-mailing us at

All in all this one is a pretty good time, so give it a listen!

April 15, 2014 07:20 PM PDT

Spring football is over at Ohio State and the off-season is officially upon us.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and from now until August, we'll be growing pretty darn fond of our beloved college football. Meanwhile, Johnny and I are here to talk about Ohio State's Spring Game both on the field and in the temporarily insane box office.

Our own journalistic bloodhound Kyle Rowland joins us to give us his take, both on the Spring Game and the entire spring practice period in general. Kyle is all over Ohio State sports, so you won't want to miss his thoughts on the offensive line, wide receivers and, yes, even the special teams.

We round out this extravaganza with our Ask Us Anything section, in which you ask 'em and we answer 'em, no matter how odd the question. You can always ask us anything by emailing us at or hit us up on the Twitters.

Let me break it down for you:

0:25- Johnny and I talk about the Spring Game, which one of us watched and one of us read all about. We discuss the ticket price/refund fiasco and ponder what exactly would make the Spring Game worth a $20 admission fee.

22:05- Kyle Rowland hops on the call and gives us some actual insider's insight into Buckeye spring ball and how things are looking as we head toward the 2014 season.

46:40- Our Ask Us Anything segment, in which we tell you exactly who the best X-Man is, which beers are our preferred selections for Buckeye football games, and (by popular demand) more about Mystery Science Theater 3000.

57:16- The ultimate Ohio State circle drill.

Music for this week's Dubcast included "Land of Hope and Dreams" by Bruce Springsteen, "Life Beyond L.A." by Ambrosia, and "Roll with the Changes" by REO Speedwagon.

March 25, 2014 07:55 PM PDT

Basketball season has left us behind and we are left with spring football and then the long wretched off-season.

The end of the basketball Buckeyes' season came as mercifully and perplexing as an M. Night Shyamalan movie. And as such we are left now to wonder what the hell we just witnessed and why we bothered at all. Just kidding — a 25-win season is still not terrible. (Seriously, ask Northwestern.)

Johnny and I looked back at the season that was for the 2013-14 OSU team and like many of you we are left with far more questions than answers. We also discuss Gene Smith's hefty bonus for all the hard work that Logan Stieber did over the weekend and, like many before us, we wonder why the fruits of one man's labor ended up in another man's pocket.

Our old friend Doug Lesmerises from dropped in to talk about the end of the Buckeyes' season and the eternal optimism (and question marks) of that which we call "spring football." Doug had a lot of good insights on both Thad Matta's and Urban Meyer's squads and we appreciate his thoughts, as usual.

And no Eleven Dubcast would be complete without our Ask Us Anything segment, in which you can (as the title suggests) question us about absolutely anything that's on your mind. You can do so by writing us at or hit us up on Twitter.

And here's how it all went down:

0:25- Me and Johnny discuss the end of the OSU hoops season, the Dayton game, the NCAA tournament and Gene Smith getting $18K for Logan Stieber's ability to destroy people.

21:15- Doug Lesmerises jumps aboard to give his thoughts on Matta's and Meyer's Buckeyes, the backup quarterback race, replacing Ryan Shazier and more. Dude knows his stuff.

45:58- In our Ask Us Anything segment, we talk way too early about the 2015 recruiting class and where you should go for spring break if you are forced to stay within a six-hour drive of Columbus.

1:02:23- Spielman for president?

Music for this week's Dubcast included "Turnin' Left" by Chickenfoot, "Cerulean Blue" by Abigails Ghost, and "Closing the Door" by Lee Abraham.

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